This picture above is MY ACTUAL FACE everytime you tell me you can't invest in one of my programs becasue even though you want to, you don't have the money.

You have a MILLION reasons.  

Some are valid. Most are not.  

Sorry, not sorry. Just being honest.  

And I've had ENOUGH OF IT!  

You might be triggered right now. I hope you are. Keep reading!  

The reason you NEED the programs is to get rid of these bullshit excuses that come from years of conditioning and programming. DOING THE WORK IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL FREE YOU FROM YOUR MONEY PRISON!  

I've been there. SO instead of just making this face all the live long day, I've decided to do something about it.  

I'm going to teach you to clear your OWN money shit.  

FOR $44  

I'm going to help you create a practice that will lay a foundation for you to begin to clear your shit, free up some bandwidth and let your finances begin to flow so that you can start investing in yourself and stop being BROKE!  

I'm going to take you through my EXACT daily, weekly and monthly clearing practice and teach you how to do it on yourself.  

I'm going to show you how to dig deep enough to find what it is that needs to be cleared.  

OTHER EMOTIONAL CLEARING PRACTITIONERS...THIS IS FOR YOU TOO. You may know how to clear, but most of you are still not making any money. I'm over that too.  

I'm giving you the blueprint, the map, the GOODS.  

I'm also going to be dropping some wisdom and wealth transmission and will do some clears with people on the call.  

Now please, for the love of all that is holy, click the damn link and do the thing already.  

It's $44 for fuck's sake. It's basically FREE.  



We recorded the first class on March 24th and it was 2 hours and 40 min of the most amazing EPIC content...and the energy was so powerful it started gliching out and we broke Facebook!

The video was only able to be replayed for 40 minutes.

Eventually we found a solution for beign able to view that whole class...

But not before I record another epic class of course!

So you get 2 EPIC

2 other modules of me telling you MY money story.

ALL FOR $44.

That's just CRAZY!

Read the comments below to see what people are saying about Your Excuses Are Bullshit..

Real People, Real Reactions and Results

This is what I've been calling in this is what I've been "waiting for". So pumped right now!! Feeling SUPER energized and READY after the call‼ I felt connected to everyone's Energy & setting the intention to connect with Leah's Energy & to receive all that is in my highest good intensified every sense/emotion ~PURE fucking MAGIC ✨I'm still vibrating with loving powerful intense-ness this morning 🎉- Jackie  

My spirit feels so happy, peaceful, and clear right now. You have to do this class. It was so incredible! I'm really excited about the bonus class, thank you Leah! Thank you so much earth angel! xo – Sibylla  

Yes! Amazing! I thought it was hugely underpriced. Always more than I anticipate with you Leah! I woke up this morning after a very disturbed sleep feeling amazing. Yesterday - after call I felt huge shifts. Today I just woke up with this decision to act as though. I am that $500,000 thousand version of self. I got dressed as though I was her, had breakfast as though I was her + keep checking into see what she would do. It feels really good. I had heard of this idea and played with it before, but I believe yesterday helped me to step into it fully. I feel it on every cell I AM HER. Deeply grateful!!!!!!!!! – Taleesha  

Omg Leah wtf 💸 I have been struggling hardcore over the last 6 months trying to get my business profiting and wondering most weeks how the f*ck was I even gonna pay rent let alone pay back my debt.. since I bought your wealth clearing series “your excuses are bullshit” one... I’ve been clearing my wealth resonance to $5000/week nearly every day and root clearing/statement clearing allll the shit ... this morning I woke up to $4000 in my account and have brought in $4895.47 AUD in to my account this week 😱😱😱😱wtf. This shit works. Like I’ve been doing the things and taking the action steps and randomly released a self love & pleasure course this week which I never thought I would but like omg !!! Think I need to clear up to $10k/week now! I wanna be earning $5k/week ery week!! Thank you so much for your course and genera boss b*itch demeanour 💸🔥 I’m excited AF to do MORE with with you so soon yessssssssss 😍- Sari 

Thank you baby Jesus...! It was POWER-FULL.. Clearing and shifting on fleek...slept deep and heavy afterward woke up knowing feeling the body aches AF like after a good workout... next up, the avalanche of money coming in!!! It was Amazing TOTALLY.... I Can't thank you enough in words for letting us in on your transmission and by sharing your transmission with us it showed me pointed us back to the knowing that we have that wealth transmission too in ourselves waiting to be activated too, if we would only get out our own damn way! 🔥🔥- Emelee  

Thank you so much Leah this was an amazing guidance and experience. So much heart expansion happening – Anya  

I had the balls to launch my weekly meditation group that I’ve been planning in my head for like a lifetime – Michelle  

It was amazing!! Excited to hear more! Thank you for being you and going all in and giving us permission to do the same by showing up so fully. Love you beautiful!! You are truly an inspiration for me. - Keri  

Thank you so much Leah Steele - that was amazing! – Diana

  I want to sign up for everything. I’m already in so many I have fear of missing out. Breathing and letting it be. – Isobel  

Thanks Leah. This has been amazing ♥ - Shawna  

Thanks for this call really fantastic!! (I) would appreciate your guidance on any suggested program upgrades. Love your energy xx. I feel integrated and grateful! – Kim 

  Thanks Leah! This was amazing. – Anita  

This was awesome!!! – Maria  

I am so damn fed up with my debt drama - I am SO Ready to light a match to this bullshit!! - Faith  

Thank you sooooo much for today Leah! – Laura  

I feel much lighter and I now have the bandwidth to start looking at my finances and getting my shit together instead of just ignoring it. I'm ordering the book today and I'm excited to get to work on more clearing. Thanks for an epic session Leah! - Danielle  


Are you ready to DO THE THING?

I'm Leah Steele, The Wealth Witch. I am a Spiritual Business Coach and Soul Diviner, a mentor, guide and soul purpose activator.  

My purpose is to inspire and empower millions of peoole to live authentic, passionate and purposeful lives. I work specifically with women who are deeply committed to rediscovering soul purpose and stepping fully into wildly profitable purpose work that impacts the world in a huge way. 

I believe everyone has a unique spiritual path and I am passionate about helping them find it. My greatest impact is reconnecting my clients to soul and higher-self. I empower them to use that connection to find the answers within to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire. 

I coach, mentor and guide women who desire to be wildly successful as spiritual entrepreneurs. My clients are Badass Spiritual Boss Babes that are on a mission to profoundly impact the planet.  

Spirituality or Soul Truth is sacred and individual. It is a divine choice. I believe that your soul already knows your path. I am honored to create sacred space for you to explore that path, discover your unique practice and develop your gifts!  

Join me in this transformational work.  

Because being broke is boring!