I had a REALLY FUCKED UP MONEY STORY (we are talking 67 INITIAL limiting beliefs I needed to work through). I was held captive in a mental prison where EVERYTHING was lack, scarcity, and NEVER ENOUGH.  

Until it wasn't.  

Until I got sick of my bullshit and decided to shift.  

I did wealth consciousness work and emotional clearing around money, wealth, receiving, abundance, prosperity, worthiness and deserving like it was my J O B.  

And I changed.  

I shifted.  


I received a divine download about Ouroboros, and I instantly KNEW it was going to change everything in the wealth consciousness world. Because I knew it was going to do what so many other programs couldn't; clear the emotional conditioning and deconstruct the programming.  

The first AND second rounds of the program SOLD OUT and the shifts were even more significant than I imagined they would be. Scroll down to read some of the testimonials from the people that participated in the first two rounds.  

Everyone in the containers experienced radical transformation. The greatest impact I can see across the board is that worthiness and deserving completely shifted for everyone. And when you feel WORTHY and DESERVING…the world is your oyster!  

Now I'm preparing to take this amazing journey with the next round of people. People that are ready to shed their emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and receiving. People willing to deep dive into all the fields and realms of possibility where blocks and conditioning are holding them back.  

I need to be upfront; this is intensive emotional clearing work and is not for everyone. It will require a deep level of introspection and a willingness to move through fear and discomfort.  

This work will require ALL THE WAY IN mentality for four months. I can promise it will get hard, it will get uncomfortable, and you will want to quit, but on the other side of it is a level of energetic and financial freedom you have never experienced before.


Because it is the ultimate symbol of regeneration. It is infinity, cosmic harmony, eternity, and the cycle of birth and death.  

Shedding old programming, beliefs and identities. Continual spiritual growth and ascension.  

If you are resonating with this, ask yourself these questions:  

What is the current money story you would like to be rid of?  

Why are you ready to do this work now?  

What would be possible if you were able to release all of your limiting beliefs and emotional conditioning around money?  

Are you ready to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to shift your money story for good?  

If you are still resonating at a soul level and answered YES to the last question…keep reading.  

One of the biggest shifts I have made around money is releasing the belief that it is hard to get or that I have to work hard for it. Soooooooo many people run this story and it's simply NOT TRUE.


THE LIFE YOU DEEPLY DESIRE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. All the money. All the wealth. All the luxury. YOU DESERVE… simply because you ARE. That part of you that is saying “she’s crazy, it’s not that easy, I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve, people like me don’t get to have…” IS LYING TO YOU. That part of you has been programmed and conditioned to believe those lies since you were a baby. To keep you in your place. To keep you small. To keep you UNDER CONTROL. And if there is a Devil (and I’m pretty sure he’s the machine behind this operation of programming and mind control) then these are, indeed, LIES STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVIL. OMG LEAH IS OFF HER ROCKER AND HAS LOST HER MIND. That’s what you may be thinking. But what if it is actually all TRUE? That wealth IS your birthright. That you deserve simple because you desire. That your desires are of the divine. That if you can conceive of something, it is because you are meant to achieve it. That you really CAN be/do/have anything you desire. That it really is all just about your INNER GAME. That Universal Law actually supports you manifesting anything you deeply desire. When you decide to take the pill and enter the matrix. When you decide to deprogram yourself and clear the emotional conditioning FOR GOOD. When you FINALLY embrace worthiness and deserving. And CLAIM your birthright.  

No matter what I did, I just could not get past the deep beliefs I held around money and me. Unworthiness and dogma ran the show. 

Well, Leah and Ouroboros changed all that! 

It literally felt like the chains had finally dropped. Everything began to open up for me. Incredible opportunities, an overflow of clients and the money began to pour in!! I had my biggest month ever! She is The God of Abundance! Why would you work with anyone else? She’s the best in her field. She activates that energy within! 

Stop doing the surface bullshit, she goes deep!  

This is the program that releases all the money programming you carry within. This is the best money program there is!


Here’s the thing. I’ve never been one to be able to put into words what I have felt or got out of a specific class or program. Or even what it was like working with the leader of that program but let me just try to put into words what this experience was like. Once I made the decision to join Ouroboros and paid my money I instantly felt Leah’s transmission and intent for this wealth container. I instantly felt connected to this notion that I am divinely connected to having wealth in my life as I build my business in healing the world.  

The one area I never really thought of shifting was my beliefs and conditioning around money. I mean, how can I continue to manifest this abundant life if I have a messed up mindset around money right? Exactly. But it’s ‘HOW’ Leah overhauls you in this transformation.  

The magic behind the clearing is beyond powerful. Learning how this relates to my maternal and paternal sides of my family just blew my mind. Their mindsets being passed down generation after generation had never crossed my mind but makes total sense. Clearing these lines including future timelines for wealth, shifted me beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. These powerful clearings, galactic activations & tools along with Leah’s knowledge of creating an abundant life of wealth through your desires is masterful and magical AF!!  

Once these shifts took place I increased my money coming in through one of my businesses and I noticed that financial gifts would make its way to me. I even had new clients come to me wanting to pay me before I had even launched my brand new business. How does that even happen? I’ll tell you. Joining Ouroboros with Leah. I am a much more aligned with bringing wealth into my life now thanks to Leah and this powerful container of Ouroboros.  

Leah is a true Soul Diviner and Activator! This was the most beautiful container of sisterhood, knowledge, magic, galactic badassery that I’ve ever been a part of and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!! Thank you Leah! I love you more than galactic activations! 


I had been on the fence about doing Ouroboros for a while. I knew I resonated with Leah because I had been a part of her online community for almost 12 months, and had participated in a couple of her smaller courses already. I knew Ouroboros would be equally as epic as the work I had already done with her, but I thought...maybe I'll do it next year. The universe had other plans. I was so fearful of making the commitment to Ouroboros.  

I was worried it would be like the like many other courses I'd committed to in the past that 'just didn't work for ME.' What if I got stuck paying for a course, and I just continued the same old programming? But I was equally as scared of what I actually knew was there...success. What would happen if I actually got everything that I wanted? What if the secret to unraveling everything from my purpose to my programs lay hidden within my wealth programming?  

I'dura had great personal and financial results from Leah's other courses that year as well as massive spiritual and intuitive growth. I realized that my money story wasn't going to radically change unless I did. It was time to go even deeper and ALL IN.  

After chatting to a couple of alumni from Round 1, I realized that I had to do something different to change the trajectory of my emotional programming around money and wealth to be able to have the life and business that I desired. I couldn't deny the pull any longer, and I committed for Round 2.  

As promised it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, I've wanted to quit, I've hidden, and I've been called out on my ability to give the most epic vague non-answers ever.  

My foundations have been completely and utterly burned, shaken, stirred, and torn apart. In this program, everything that no longer serves you gets dismantled and sent packing. I have realized my value, my worth, and what my non-negotiables are. I'm no longer willing to live my life for everyone else's happiness while ignoring my own. It's been a time of building complete and utter trust in myself and the universe/divine to show the way.... and I actually feel great about it all, which has been huge.  

I'm coming back for Round 3, but I have also committed to becoming a Wealth Alchemy Apprentice and will facilitate this work.  

Ouroboros Round 2 was EPIC... today I sit here knowing with certainty how much has been deprogrammed. 

I'm no longer triggered by other people's money bullshit, let alone my own. I can see opportunities everywhere and the work is continuing to integrate at a deeper level daily. Round 3 is going to expand the foundations like never before in truly owning my birthright to be abundantly wealthy. I can honestly say what we desire gets to happen with ease when we break down the programming we've been conditioned to believe. This work has been all about wealth resonance, but I feel it's been about soooo much more, and it's taught me to get out of my own way more than ever.  

I'll be in Ouroboros this round, will you?  


I stepped into this program with a trust in my soul, she led me here. From the moment I heard the name, before I even knew what it was about, I knew I was in. As the details were released, and I felt the resonance of how much I needed this in my life. I finally got the courage to reach out. I was scared, the physical reaction in my body, from the first message I sent, represents the transformation that began to take place in my life. I felt myself upgrading, exhilarated, and physically ill from the first point of contact, before the program even began. It was a huge stretch for me, from where I was physically standing at the start of this program. The universe aligned in the most magical way, and I will forever be grateful.  

The events that happened over the following months really blow my mind. I felt the intense shifts happening along the way, and yet looking back now I see the magnitude of all the transformation that happened along the way. The first thing that comes to mind is the sisterhood, because it wasn't something that I could have expected. The connections I have made in this program really impacted my life. The safe space held by Leah, in connection with other women on the same intense journey, with the same common goal; upleveling their wealth paradigm. To be in such a space with incredible spiritual boss babes, from around the globe. To see each other's wins, to share each other's struggles, and seeing each other thrive.  

The galactic activations, group calls, hugely valuable content, emotional clears, transmissions, tools. I felt shifts in every session, but what often surprised me is the way that played out. I felt my boundaries shift, and shift, and shift. I felt a stronger sense of self. Belonging in who I am. And an understanding that anything is possible. I gained permission to be myself, in so many ways I didn't see I was restricted before. It shifted the way I mother, the way I see the world. The woman who stands here now is beyond what I dreamt as the program began. My self worth is through the roof.  

An unexpected surprise. Leah is a soul diviner, I knew that stepping in. What I did not know, was that the transmissions, activations, and tools would activate in me my soul's purpose, in such a deeply clear way, I could no longer deny it. It landed in my body in such clear and profound ways, I now have complete clarity in stepping out in the world.  

Of course, I got wealth upgrades, Shifted my relationships, and ended ones that were one way. I opened myself up to a greater sense of receiving, and more deeply value my own time. I have permission to be me. The profoundness of this program is in all the ways you don't expect and watching the transmissions roll out in each woman in a unique way.  

As for me? I walk away with my purpose, I walk away with permission to be out in the world. To prosper with purpose. To make the life of my dreams. And to know I am worth it. This program significantly impacted my world and restructured what I see as possible, in my role as a single mum, and for that, I will forever be grateful. For granting me the gift of possibility, and the ability to create both my, and my daughter's dreams.  

My biggest message to anyone contemplating this program is to listen to your soul, above and beyond anything. No matters the doubts of your mind. If you feel the call to be here, you CAN.  

And if you choose, I will see you on the inside, because I will be rejoining as alumni, because the magick of this container is potent, and I always want to be on the inside.


I’m a big believer in investing in oneself. I feel that growth is an integral part of my purpose and my work on this planet. In January of 2019 I started diving deep into “wealth consciousness” work. In the past I had not had much luck in clearing money blocks as it caused my mind to focus on what was lacking rather than what was all around me. Having done some of Leah’s free programs and entry level programs I felt a knowing in me as soon as I heard her talking about Ouroboros. I knew that I had to do it. I had no idea what to expect but I took the leap. 

Ouroboros absolutely exceeded any expectations I could have had. My relationship with money, wealth and self worth have deepened and changed forever.

 Things that would have triggered me previous no longer do. I’m able to notice situations involving money with increased neutrality, this allows me to respond rather than react. This work is deep and once you start shaking and restructuring the foundation of your money paradigm there’s A LOT you will need to take care of. 

This program is about self responsibility BUT if you’re ready to do the work, the level of support you get from Leah and the Ouroboros container is unlike any other wealth/ money program out there. 

This isn’t just about journaling (love journaling). Or looking at your stories, this is deep spiritual and energy work that heals and changes you forever. There’s a reason why I’m joining for a second round...... to go even deeper.


When I heard Oroboros, it sounded like Bora Bora, a magical land. All I knew is I always felt activated by Leah. Sometimes I thought maybe she was lucky because she looks good with nice eyebrows. I was wrong. Seeing the results in others, and the name pulled me in. I studied with the best around money, except something was missing...  

Insert Oroboros, and it was what shifted my emotions around money. What sets this program apart is the mother and paternal clears. I studied family systems in college, and nothing prepared me for this. I cried the most in the beginning and doubting it. I committed, and the more I believed the magic started to happen in ways I never dreamed of. Speaking of dreams, I rarely have dreams, and the moment Leah came into my actual dreams, I knew Oroboros was going to change my life.  

Joining Oroboros, I gained sisterhood, and I gained conversations that got me out of my head. As a result, I manifested my best month ever in December, I created 2K in one day and started having the best ideas for program offerings. I have signed up for this next round as an alumnus, and I am looking forward to doing Oroboros again with fresh eyes. I am committed to this program because the PROOF is in the pudding.  

If you are a skeptic like me, there is a science to Leah's methodology that will shift your relationship with money, currency, wealth, and prosperity. Money is your birthright, and when you start waking up to the slavery consciousness, money is only an illusion. Now I have true freedom and want my friends and family to know about this. Thank God for Leah creating Oroboros. 


Last May, I left my 22-year career in higher education to practice energy and sound healing full time. I felt very strongly I needed to focus on my purpose work, and I could no longer continue in a tug of war for my attention with my day job. Financially, my decision made no sense. I wasn’t earning nearly enough to pay my bills from my energy work and only had enough retirement savings to last about a year unless something changed drastically. But I believed that the Universe would support me if I took this leap of faith.  

That didn’t happen.  

At least that’s what it seemed like at the time.  

I knew all about mindset work and practiced it regularly. For a few days or weeks, I would feel confident and clients would start coming in. Then I would panic or get discouraged if there was a slight drop off, and my business would crash. Because all the time that I was saying that I trusted the Universe to support me, on a deep, deep level, I didn’t really believe it. So I was trapped on an emotional and financial roller coaster.  

I needed to do something BIG.  

Ouroboros was much bigger, more difficult, and more expensive than anything I’d ever done before. But I had taken several smaller programs from Leah and knew that she was a powerful healer and an amazing coach. If anyone could help me dig out all my buried money programming, it was Leah. So I took another leap of faith and invested a chunk of my dwindling retirement savings in Ouroboros.  

I found that I had so much negative money programming! I come from a lower-middle-class background, and I had a lot of judgment and negative programming around rich people and money. I was subconsciously sabotaging myself because I believed rich people were selfish and greedy. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be like that! After I released that, I was able to see people as they really were. I felt completely at ease, making friends with people of all income levels without judging them or feeling insecure. I felt so much more confidence in myself and freedom to be my real self.  

And my financial situation changed, too. As soon as the program started, things started to shift. The first month MY INCOME DOUBLED, the second month it TRIPLED and it has increased by about 15% almost every month since then. I did have a few times when I felt myself becoming discouraged and panicky again, but I had the tools to clear the emotional blocks and get back on track again.  

And now when I say that I trust the Universe to support my purpose work, I ACTUALLY BELIEVE it! Looking back, I can see that the Universe was pushing me to clear what was blocking me from expanding even further in my purpose work. I WAS supported all along. I just didn’t see it.  

INVEST IN YOURSELF. Change your life. Enroll in Ouroboros today! You’ll never regret it. 


I felt the pull to Ouroboros before I even understood the concept of the program. I joined another similar program with Leah and as soon as she started talking about maternal and paternal line clears I was sold. See, I know my money shit is not just mine, but comes from a long line of familial stickiness. I felt it each time I made statements that mom or dad would say even though I didn’t believe it. 

Honestly, the activations, transmissions, and content were solid gold but the biggest A-HA moments for me were two-fold in gifts and in debt. It started with counting gifts in your income. Each month I had THOUSANDS of dollars I wouldn’t have even given a second thought about before and it’s incredibly humbling when you thank someone for a gift and you’ve actually contemplated the value, not for values sake but to magnify that gratitude.  

Secondly, taking time while paying bills with gratitude, EVEN the debt that may stress you out, because of it you have a car or an education, etc. and that was a game-changer. See, I have always done that with my student loans, but opening it up to everything else was a reminder that we should do all things with intention. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to understand that it’s okay to desire extravagant things. It doesn’t make you a bad person or less spiritual and we don’t have to feel guilty for wanting these things. We don’t need to suffer for our art or our gifts, we can and should be abundantly rewarded from universe.


I came straight out of university knowing I wanted to run a spiritual business to help the world. So, I went ahead and started up my business, not knowing what the heck I was doing. It was fine. I would have a few clients a month, but I wasn’t able to make a full time salary at that rate.  

Of course, with perfect Divine timing, I find Leah and her program Ouroboros. My mindset, beliefs and conditioning around money was stripped down, changed and reconditioned to a powerful, neutral energy.  

I no longer feared money, I no longer thought it was sinful to ask for payment and I definitely stopped worrying about when more money would be coming in!  

With Leah’s powerful containers, energy work and teachings, I came out as an evolved, expanded being! By doing this powerful work I tripled my income in the span of 3 months, with it still growing as we speak.  

Ouroboros has completely changed my life and my business. My weeks are filled, my programs are successful, I get to live every day in Purpose and get paid while doing it!


I had been following Leah on Facebook for years. Often her stuff was irritating because she was all about money, and it seemed so materialistic. Yet, I also wanted money because I saw how having a lot of money would help me build my dreams and change the world. So, when Ouroboros came up, I knew I had to be in.  

This program make me look at how my negative views of money polarized my relationship with it. I watched how cultural conditioning and family stories impacted my relationship with money and kept me from making the money I desired.  

I found a new invigoration for how to energetically align with money (or how to get neutral about it), so money flowed in more easily. My income certainly went up since doing this program.  

I'm excited to attend again as an alumnus and see how much deeper I can go!


I have been "doing the work" on releasing, Surrendering and deepening my spiritual body for several years now. I have healed generational traumas and patterns and stepped more into my own Power & Purpose. However...something was still missing. I was struggling to monetize my gifts and to even trust the clarity and messages I would receive. I had been doing money awareness/mindset shifts on and off for the last couple years, but "life" always seemed to switch it up as I would start getting momentum.  

When I saw Leah post about the Ouroboros program, I knew immediately it was exactly what I needed. I had been connected to Leah on social media for a couple years, but we had never really interacted much and I had never bought a program or service for her (though I did purchase her amazing oils years ago). I had no clue what the program was about or how much the investment was, but I reached out to her anyway, confident it would work out.  

Joining Ourobolus was one of the best choices I have made in my life. It has shifted my experience with money - the last 2 months, I have "magically" received the money I set as a goal in ways I could have never foreseen. I have deepened my Trust in myself and my choices and have opened up with more EASE to the belief of limitless possibilities I have held onto.  

I also happened to be 6 months pregnant when the program started and I was able to move through some situations that I know "should" have been overwhelmingly stressful and would have sank me in the past, but that I was able to move through with very little stress and with a lot of love, patience, trust and surrender.  

This program - and Leah! - literally changed my life.


Ouroboros is a WEALTH repatterning program. It's an overhaul of everything you've ever believed about wealth in all its forms, not just financial. My intentions coming into the program was about repatterning my mindset around financial wealth. But what I received was so much more than that.  

Sure, during the program my business income doubled. I was also able to pay $1400 of my debt off, when prior to the program, my debt kept increasing. I started showing up more fully in my business and in my life.  

AND I also developed beautiful relationships with the other women in the program. I felt a closeness to other beings that I hadn’t felt in awhile. It was beautiful to be supported by not just Leah, but everyone else in the container.  

But the real magic of any container Leah holds is this: the shifts happen so subtly that you don’t even realize that they’re happening until you look back at where you were and realize you’ve emerged on the other side a completely different person. Her transmission is so strong that it is influencing you even in the in-between times when you don’t consciously realize you’re doing the work!  

Put your fears and doubts aside and invest in yourself NOW.



And right now, for just a moment, I'm not talking about the FINANCIAL INVESTMENT.  

I'm talking TIME and ENERGY.  

What are you willing to put on the line?  

I want you to ask yourself…have I truly hit that 'FUCK THIS SHIT, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION BUT CHANGE' moment?  

Because this program isn't going to be easy. It's going to require FULL COMMITMENT to make it through. And if you aren't there yet, that's okay.  

But know this…the stories you are telling yourself about why you can't make money, why you can't hold onto money and why you have difficulty receiving are just that…stories. They have power because you give them power. They aren't real, and they aren't true. The only thing holding you back right now…is YOU.  

Ouroboros is about deconstructing those stories.  

This container is only right for those that know that this is the next step in achieving the greatness they are destined for. Cleaning up the limiting beliefs, emotional conditioning, and programming around money.  

Obviously, what this is about first and foremost as far as INVESTMENT, is you committing body, mind, and soul completely and saying 'YES. This is me. It's my time to shed these self-imposed shackles. And I am going to throw EVERYTHING I have at it, to become all that I know I'm capable of'.  

No more excuses, doubting, or waiting for the perfect timing.  

If you aren't a 100% FUCK YES to all of that, then investing ANY MONEY AT ALL, even 10k or more will not help you to get to where you want to go.  

I can't do it FOR you. I WON'T DO IT FOR YOU.  

What I can do is hold an epic container, shine a light for you in the areas where you can't see yourself, educate you, help you clear the baggage and provide a fair amount of ass-kicking accountability along the way ... and for well less than 10k ;)  

In actuality, the financial investment for Ouroboros is nowhere close to that!

The investment for the four-month Ouroborous Program is only $3333. 

And there is an EPIC payment plan available.

There is no hook and bait strategy here because this program is easily worth 2x this amount. I'm continuing to offer it at this price because this is MY PURPOSE WORK…to sift the wealth paradigm of the planet.  


Here is some of the magic that will be happening in the program:  

✨Maternal & Paternal Ancestral Line Clearing ✨Current Lifetime Clearing ✨Parallel Lifetime Clearing ✨Future Timeline Clearing ✨Mindset Repatterning ✨Deconstructing Collective Consciousness Programming  

There is so much of this money stuff that was programmed into us from a very young age to control us and keep us playing small. We will be looking at and deconstructing that patterning.  

A final warning: This is gloves off deep soul introspection. It will be intense emotional clearing and mindset work. We will be breaking patterning and brainwashing that you have believed to be absolute truths from a very young age and asking you to QUESTION EVERYTHING you think you know about money, wealth and receiving.  

I am a seer, a healer and a channel and I have the ability to see to the core of this stuff and help you clear it…FOR GOOD.  


The truth is, you ALREADY KNOW if this is you. You can FEEL it at a cellular level.  

Are you ready to shift EVERYTHING?  



I’m Leah Steele - The Wealth Witch. I am a Wealth Alchemist, Spiritual Business Coach, Emotional Resonance Clearing Practitioner, and Soul Diviner.  

My purpose is to inspire and empower missions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives. The word wealthy comes from two words WELL and HEALTHY. I teach holistic wealth as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential.  

Part of my divine mission work is to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that serves the global financial agenda. My cutting edge wealth repatterning programs are paving the way to a new global wealth paradigm where financial freedom is the reality.  

Financial freedom is unique to each person. Your soul already knows your path. You are here to create a heaven on earth experience. I am honored to create radically transformative containers for you to deconstruct your conditioning around money, repattern your wealth programming, and consciously create a beautiful relationship with money.  

Remember, it is your divine right to be wealthy!  

Join me and create your new wealth paradigm!