Lunar Moon Magic

SHE is Awakening.

Women around the globe are feeling a stirring. 

We are re-awakening to out true power and place on this planet.

The Divine Feminine inside of us is waking from her long slumber.

Are you ready to step into your power and be the FORCE OF NATURE you were created to be? 


Learn to embrace our emotions, all of them! Release fear, guilt and shame around what it means to BE A WOMAN. Identify and release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embracing your Divine Feminine nature.

Honor your ancestors. Learn about the history of women rulers on this planet and how they embraced their lunar cycles to rule countries and ancient civilizations. 

Learn about your body and how it works with the Moon. Learn to track your personal lunar cycle, the single most powerful tool you have to design the life of your dreams. 


Learn the art of receiving. Learn to step into feminine flow. Your power resides in the choice to let it be easy. 

Stop the hustle. It does not need to be hard. Learn mindset work to embrace flow and ease and use your emotions to empower you thrive in every area of your life.

Create connection to other women, the Moon and Mother Earth through sacred circles, mindfulness practice and ritual. Allow the spirit of the Divine Feminine to flow into every aspect of your life. 


You have the power to receive your every desire. Release guilt and shame around being worthy of the things you want.

Step into your power. Trust your intuition. Ask for Divine Guidance. Take inspired action. 

Receive every beautiful gift the Universe wishes to bestow upon you. Live a life you only dreamed was possible.

Align. Allow. Receive.


Join me for this pair of transformational classes. 

Class 2 will go much more in depth into the masculine/feminine balance and how to make the most of the phases of your cycle.


Life is amazing whne we work with our natiral rythyms not against them! 

4 hours of online class delivered via a private facebook group. $66.00

Embrace the Divine Feminine force inside of you!



I'm Leah Steele, The Wealth Witch. I am a Spiritual Business Coach and Soul Diviner, a mentor, guide and soul purpose activator.  

My purpose is to inspire and empower millions of women to live authentic, passionate and purposeful lives. I work specifically with women who are deeply committed to rediscovering soul purpose and stepping fully into wildly profitable purpose work that impacts the world in a huge way.  

I believe every woman has a unique spiritual path and I am passionate about helping them find it. My greatest impact is reconnecting my clients to soul and higher-self. I empower them to use that connection to find the answers within to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire.  

I coach, mentor and guide women who desire to be wildly successful as spiritual entrepreneurs. My clients are Badass Spiritual Boss Babes that are on a mission to profoundly impact the planet.  

Spirituality or Soul Truth is sacred and individual. It is a divine choice. I believe that your soul already knows your path. I am honored to create sacred space for you to explore that path, discover your unique practice and develop your gifts!  

Join me in this transformational work.  

Design the life of your dreams!